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Hello! I call myself Sundog. I was given the name David. I will answer to either and variants, and I use he/him pronouns.

I am both a programmer and a musician.

On the technical side of things, I am a graybeard programmer with 30 years of professional work behind me. I've done quite a bit of work in the media delivery space in the form of audio streaming, video streaming, and related technologies. I've worked for a lot of different companies, many of which you'd recognize. My most recent position was Director of Engineering and Architecture for a company providing a low-latency video conferencing platform for the media and entertainment markets. I like to work with teams in a collaborative consensus-seeking model - none of us is as capable of solving these problems as all of us are, so let's talk through the possibilities and land on something we all feel good about (without bikeshedding and yak shaving ourselves into old age).

On the musical side of things, I am the bass player for Doctor Deathray and Her Implements of Destruction, performing punky blues or bluesy punk or whatever else we want on Analog Revolution Records in Ellijay, GA. I also have a jazz side project coming up and am looking into doing some film scoring work next year.