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Interactive FFMPEG Command Generator

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A work in progress web tool to explore FFmpeg. Please log issues/suggestions. Made with svelte, xyflow, and ffmpeg.wasm.

Contributions are welcome! Take a look at the todo list below if you'd like to add a new feature, or the issues page if you want to try to fix a bug.

To run in dev mode:

npm install
npm run dev

I'm also looking for good FFmpeg examples. If you make a nice filtergraph in the tool, just hit cmd-s (or ctrl-s on windows/linux), and it will export a json file of your graph. Feel free to post those to the issues page for possible inclusion in the tool.

Known Issues

  • Rendering on chrome doesn't work in multi-threading mode (it seems to fail on mp4s)


  • Rendering progress bar
  • "Cancel Render" button
  • Disable/enable filters without removing them
  • Deal with duplicate parameters in filters (sometimes filters have a long and short option)
  • Add more help/documentation in the filters (there is more on FFmpeg's site that I could incorporate)
  • Add input options like seek and trim
  • Somehow figure out how to deal with complex filtergraphs
  • Add more sample inputs (at least need an image and an audio file)
  • Put filter options in a separate panel
  • Add filters that generate content
  • Handle audio and image output.
  • Allow command to be editable
  • Use commas to separate filters when possible
  • Include some default fonts so text works.
  • Allow gif as output
  • Add more tests!
  • MAYBE allow users to upload their own videos
  • MAYBE make each part of the output command clickable, to highlight the corresponding nodes
  • MAYBE add previews in the filter list itself

Inspiration / Alternatives